Do you know why in MAGUISA we use the RAL chart as a reference to lacquer our doors? In this post we are going to show you what RAL colors are, what types there are and why we use them.

First a little bit of history …

The RAL is a code that defines a color through a set of digits. It was defined by the Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung in Germany in 1927. The acronym RAL comes from “State Committee for delivery times and quality assurance”. Originally the RAL table consisted of 40 colors and nowadays the figure rises to 213. The codes are defined by 4 digits, the first of which defines the color range.

gama colores RAL maguisa

Within the color chart or RAL color system, there is a classification of 5 types of RAL.

Classic RAL


RAL Design

RAL Effect

Digital RAL

The most commonly used RAL type is the Classic RAL.

To obtain an exact color, we can rely on the RAL colors. Based on the RAL chart, we can choose the color that we like the most and reproduce it. Its tonality will not be affected in any reproduction since the color will always be formulated in the same way and in the same percentages.

In the production process of MAGUISA, we need to ensure that the products meet the established quality requirements, and therefore in the color aspect we use the RAL chart. This allows us that a color, after many reproductions, will always maintain the same tone without being affected. Also, on the other hand, it serves so that the client at the time of making his order sees with exactitude the color with which we will carry out the lacquering of his door. So there are no surprises at the time of delivery, the door is just as you requested it. Here are some examples that Maguisa can offer you.

cuatro imagenes ral colores maguisa

Now you can order your personalized door, in the RAL color that you like the most.