PANTONE Color of the Year: Greenery

As is customary at the beginning of the year, PANTONE selects a color to be trend during that year. The choice of color has to do with what happens in our society, it is a state of mind, it is an attitude. In 2017 the color chosen by PANTONE is the color GREENERY.

The color GREENERY is a color of nature, it is a tone that represents all the seasons of the year, which can be combined with a wide chromatic range, it is a fresh tone, casual, cheerful. It is a tone that symbolizes new beginnings. It is a breath of fresh air of a yellow-green tone, which makes him disconnect, which reassures him, which causes him to breathe deeply.

The GREENERY, is a tone that we can use in any aspect of our life and the day to day. We can use it in our gardens since there are many plants in shades of this color, in our clothes since the fashion is responsible for that we can use it in any field, and in our house we can also use this color. We can use it in the kitchen, we can use it in the living area, our bedroom, the front of our house and why not, we can also use it in the garage door.

At METÁLICAS MAGUISA, we can manufacture your garage door in the color you like. If you like to follow fashion or just like this color, we can make your door in this trend color. If you do not believe it, here are some examples of how your door can stay.

Now that you have seen the result, do you want to customize your door with the GREENERY color? Go to our sections of products and finishes, and you can see all the options available with which you can customize your new MAGUISA door from color to the type of panel you like.